Fondest memory: " Little pot stop! Fondest memory: Asmodeus Poisonteeth 's scary ass. Fondest memory: Seeing Zoboomafoo spin around and turn into the talking lemur you've grown to love. Fondest memory: " Dance in Smarty Pants ". Fondest memory: Watching it and feeling like you've seen it before. Fondest memory: The extremely catchy theme song. Fondest memory: The rapping part of the theme song. It came out of nowhere!

pbs kids shows 2000s

Fondest memory: When Angelina Ballerina lied and told everyone she was going have a brother just like the Pinkpaws. Fondest memory: When Wimzie got jealous of Bo because he's a baby. Fondest memory: All the songs from The Swamp Critters. Fondest memory: The nightmares you would get after watching the show. Fondest memory: "I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart. Fondest memory: Figuring out Fannee Doolee and learning to speak ubbi dubbi.

Fondest memory: Corduroy and Lisa's adorable friendship. No better BFF's. Fondest memory: The episode when Dongwa was being a tough guy. Fondest memory: Wishing you could be adopted by the Santos family.

Fondest memory: Learning and trying to use new words like Martha did. Share This Article Facebook.The '00s was a golden age for cartoons. For every Dexter's Laboratorythere is another cartoon that wasn't quite as memorable.

Once Nickelodeon was on for the day, you did not turn it off. When that commercial told you the programming for the next hour and a half, and the order was Rugratssome show you felt ambivalent about, and then Hey Arnold!

Those forgotten cartoons are honored on this list. Our five protagonists are in Sector V and hang out in a high-tech tree house. They combat the heinous things adults make kids do, like homework and flossing. He's bald and doesn't really look like a kid; more like Lex Luthor if Lex Luthor wore '90s sunglasses. For some reason, everyone's eyes are obscured by hair or glasses Why is she special?

They creep around like spies and each have their own special combat specialty. These two children make him do whatever they want. Mandy is the best part about the show: she's hilarious, tough, and doles out insults like it's her job. Her hair is drawn a bit strangely, though. Billy, on the other hand, is sort of annoying. That's on top of the general awkwardness of having braces. The show definitely suffered for it. This gem of a show is about six friends and their adventures during their school's daily recess.

Each kid at their own distinct personality. Spinelli was an iconic badass, with her big boots and leather jacket. Then there's Ms. Finster, the unpleasant teacher with grey hair and granny glasses who's always trying to take the joy out of recess.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Public Broadcasting Service. Archived from the original on September 23, Animation Magazine. Retrieved November 23, May 18, Retrieved September 25, Retrieved July 23, PlaybackMay 9, Retrieved Retrieved February 1, Accessed November 20, Retrieved 8 April Lists of TV programs broadcast by country.

Animax TBS. Shakthi TV. Top Channel. Armenia TV Armenia 1. TV system E! Televisa TV Azteca. PBS Kids original programming.

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? All programs are distributed by PBS unless where noted. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Clifford the Big Red Dog 3. Clifford's Puppy Days 1. Sid the Science Kid 3. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Splash and Bubbles 3. Martha Speaks 3. Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum.

Clifford the Big Red Dog The Ruff Ruffman Show.Many of those PBS kids shows are actually still around and more popular than ever. But out of all those programs, which was the most popular show to ever air on PBS?

List of PBS Kids shows (US)

Was it Sesame Street or Berenstain Bears? Don't agree with the rankings below? Feel free to vote shows up or down. Better yet, you can rerank the list yourself. This list of the top current and canceled PBS Kids TV series includes the date when each show first aired, as well as which actors starred in the show.

Although the network is primarily dominated with cartoons, you can find a couple of live action shows mixed in there as well. Live action shows like Zoom and Zoboomafoo are also available. The list of top PBS Kids television shows below includes cast, creator, and premiere date when available.

Vote up the best shows on PBS Kids below. Premiered: Number of Seasons: Number of Episodes: Number of Seasons: 3. Genres Tv : Animation, Children's television series. Number of Seasons: 4. Genres Tv : Animation, Children's television series, Educational television. Genres Tv : Nature, Children's television series, Comedy. Number of Seasons: 6. Genres Tv : Children's television series, Educational television.

Number of Seasons: 8. Number of Seasons: 2. Number of Seasons: 5. Genres Tv : Children's television series.Put on your squarepants, paint your pinky fingernail black, and get ready for your results!

Posted on May 22,GMT. Emily Orley. BuzzFeed News Reporter. Blue's Clues.

PBS Satellite Schedule from the 2000s

Powerpuff Girls. Cartoon Network. SpongeBob SquarePants. Total Request Live. Even Stevens. Lizzie McGuire. Malcolm in the Middle. That's So Raven. Hannah Montana. Angelina Ballerina. As Told by Ginger. Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Baby Looney Toons. Kids' WB. Bear in the Big Blue House.

21 PBS Kids Shows From the '90s We Desperately Wish Would Make a Comeback

Image: Nick Jr. Bob the Builder. Nick Jr. Caitlin's Way. Dora the Explorer. The Fairly OddParents.Three kids, Jackie, Matt, Inez, and their bird friend Digit, must save cyberspace from the evil Hacker with the use of strategy and math skills. Votes: 1, Based on the books by Marc Brown, these are the adventures of Arthur, an 8-year-old aardvark, and his family and friends as they grow up and learn how to be good neighbors to one another.

Stars: J. Votes: 11, Maya Santos interferes in the lives of those around her, often dragging her twin, Miguel, into her schemes. Votes: On a special inner city street, the inhabitants, human and muppet, teach preschool subjects with comedy, cartoons, games, and songs. Fred Rogers explores various topics for young viewers through presentations and music, both in his world and in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Votes: 6, TV-Y 30 min Family. Chris and Martin Kratt explore a variety of different animals' habitats and lifestyles each week, with help from Allison and her computer, and Ttark, an animated dinosaur.

TV-Y 20 min Family, Fantasy. Boohbah is a T. It follows 5 colorful characters with their own secret language as they teach children basic motor skills and common things like counting and identifying colors.

Votes: 3, In this television show for babies, the four colourful Teletubbies coo and play in idyllic Teletubbyland.

They repeat fun, infant-pleasing activities such as rolling on the ground, laughing TV-Y 29 min Comedy, Family. Votes: 2, TV-Y 30 min Animation, Family. An imaginative four-year-old boy learns life lessons and discovers new things with his friends and family.

TV-G 30 min Animation, Family. The adventures of an exciting and bright raccoon at his local school where he meets up with the rest of his friends. A ten year old boy instantly becomes as tiny as an insect realizing what life would be if he was not in normal size. Chris and Martin Kratt are brothers who explore the wild throughout the world to learn more about animals and share conservation information. They have three friends who travel in the Jet Propulsion, an alien from another planet, and his pals Sean, Mindy, and Sydney learn about science.

TV-Y 26 min Animation, Family. Satirical yet educational animated series about a young girl who is secretly the superhero Wordgirl, armed with superhuman strength, abilities, and a skilled vocabulary.

Live-action and animation blend together in this educational fantasy about a family of lions running a library filled with adventurous and musical books. TV-Y 28 min Animation, Family. In Word World, words actually become the objects they represent in an innovative, educational and entertaining adventure for your kids. A small kid named noddy who has a little car, travels around his city to find new adventures.

The American Revolutionary War is seen through the eyes of an American teenaged lad, a young English lady, and a French boy, all three of whom work as reporters for Benjamin Franklin. Levar Burton introduces young viewers to illustrated readings of children's literature and explores their related subjects. TV-Y 30 min Animation, Comedy.We're taking trip back in time, rounding up a few of those throwback series that we'd love to see back on TV.

For a few of them, we got our wish: Some beloved childhood shows are already set -- or at least in talks -- to get a modern-day treatment.

pbs kids shows 2000s

But there are a bunch of others that deserve to be revived, too. Don't get us wrong, we're super thankful Arthur is up to 21 seasons -- thanks to its revival in -- but oh how much we would love for other shows to follow suit.

Ghostwriter was a beloved PBS show that keep us on our toes, make writing in composition notebooks to a thing, and reiterated to us the importance of reaching for the sky.

We'll never forget "You Gotta Believe," Lenni! A show that celebrates and inspires reading -- and teaches us that each book is basically an adventure waiting to happen? This TV show taught us so much about history, thanks to an adorable pooch who loved reenacting moments in the most precious way. We didn't even realize we were learning about outer space and different systems inside the body while watching this show -- simply because Ms.

Frizzle voiced by Lily Tomlin was so entertaining. Loonette and Molly, a clown and her dolly! We'd be lying if we said we didn't attempt that clock stretch a few times. What could be better than that? Yes, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is great and all, but nothing beats the original. We really felt like Mr. Rogers cared about us. Plus, who could forget his sweet singing voice?

Hopefully Tom Hanks does him justice in the upcoming biographical film. Happy little trees! Bob Ross may be gone now RIPbut he isn't forgotten -- and neither are his greatest quotes and terms.

Thankfully, we can still watch full episodes on YouTube if we're feeling nostalgic.

pbs kids shows 2000s

Sorry, we'll be singing the "Song that Never Ends" for the rest of the day. We miss this adorable puppet and Shari Lewis, who was a brilliant ventriloquist.

Barney taught us so many lessons about sharing and caring. The series also happened to star quite a few faces who went on to make it big -- like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Billy Nye is becoming popular again, because science is cool! We're beyond ready to see him back on TV. Each episode of Wimzie's House presented a new problem for Wimzie a monster and her friends to figure out. The educational tidbits didn't stop there as we were often treated to musical numbers, too.

This show got pretty deep, considering it revolved around "teen" puppets. Sometimes, the episodes focused on sharing. Other times, it tackled racism and sexism.

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